Our Philosophy about Helping Dogs & Owners

Downward Dog focuses on the training and rehabilitation of dogs, while also training humans in the process. This is different from traditional training. Traditional obedience training is based on the goal of having the dog perform a behavior in response to a command. This may be achieved with the use of physical and sound reinforcement, leash training, treats, clickers, and a variety of tools and strategies. Obedience training is a terrific thing for any dog owner and their dogs and it serves as an effective compliment to psychology-based training or rehabilitation. Obedience training is not, however, necessary as a pre-requisite to the application of psychology-based rehabilitation.

The Downward Dog training and rehabilitation process is a home based process. Problem behavior in the home is best assessed in the home where multiple influences (human, dog, environmental, etc.) can be observed. The goal is to identify the behavior(s) that the client wishes to change, identify the source of the behavior, and determine the human, canine and environmental adjustments that need to take place. Regardless of the specific issue(s) and rehabilitation plan, every dog needs a home that provides him/her with meaningful exercise, structure, and affection – in that order. What that looks like varies from home to home and dog to dog. The same is true for obedience training.

While in-home work is our primary service, we know that many owners need or just want a jumpstart with training that will make their journey with their dog a little easier. We also have clients whose physical or personal limitations make it difficult for them to perform as much in-home work as needed. Therefore, we also offer day camps here at Mo’s home.