"But just because a person goes to Harvard doesn't mean he's balanced when he graduates, and just because a dog knows how to obey doesn't mean he's balanced, either."

--Cesar Millan

Welcome to Downward Dog Canine Transformation

Downward Dog Canine Transformation offers the only dog behavior service of its kind in the Crystal Coast area. We do not follow templated strategies with our clients because every dog is an individual and the humans and the home are unique. Both are a crucial part of the equation. Downward Dog employs dog psychology (how dogs think, how they respond to energy and their environment and what makes them tick) when assessing a dog and its behavior, along with the owner’s goals.

The dog psychology approach emphasizes the importance of helping dogs find balance and the ability to achieve calmness. That is true whether doing straightforward obedience training or rehabilitating a dog with anxiety or aggression. A calm mind is essential for success and peace. In addition, we focus on helping owners learn to understand and communicate with their dogs as dogs, rather than as humans. When we learn to communicate in ways that resonate with the dog, we provide the dog with more clarity which, in turn, helps the dog better trust and understand.

We offer in-home training and rehabilitation, as well as other services, depending on the needs of the dog and her/his owners. We also offer distance coaching and resources for owners for the life of the dog at no charge. We will always be a call or a text message away.