Meet the Behaviorist…

Maureen Keenan (Mo) has been rehabilitating and training dogs for nearly 20 years. She began studying a range of training philosophies when she began rescuing dogs. In order to get dogs adopted, they often required significant help with behavior issues. Mo spent a few years pursuing a “trial by fire” path until she found Cesar Millan (“The Dog Whisperer” show) and his books. Cesar’s approach is based on understanding the needs of the dog and how to communicate with dogs in a meaningful way. Mo realized that Cesar’s “Dog Psychology” approach best suited her and the dogs she was helping so she focused on mastering Cesar’s philosophy. That led to three visits to the Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, CA to work with Cesar and study with others at the Training Cesars Way programs.

Mo’s time with Cesar and his team of trainers developed her innate talent for connecting with dogs and identifying their needs, impulses and challenges. Her organic ability to build relationships with dogs and people has been a key to his success.

Since building her professional foundation with Cesar and his team, Mo expanded to working with trainers across the country who share her values and priorities for dogs, but who also offer a wide range of training and rehabilitation strategies and experience. Mo’s goal is to maintain a broad and diverse set of resources, support and collaboration so that she is best equipped to meet the needs of any dog and their human.

Any of Mo’s clients will tell you that she is not only a terrific trainer of dogs, but also a wonderful teacher of humans. She comes to every client without judgement and with patience and compassion. The dogs she works with become her family and her love for them is apparent to their owners.