Leash Reactivity Seminar

Leash Reactivity Seminar 

This clinic is designed for people whose dogs are making leash walks stressful.  If you dread encounters with passing dogs, passing people, bicycles, skateboards or anything else that triggers embarrassing and unsafe behavior, this clinic will provide instruction, coaching and the opportunity to practice and learn in real life situations.  

We will cover 

  • The best walking tools (leash, collar, etc) for you and your dog 
  • Getting to the root of your dog’s reactivity 
  • How to build a walking routine that incorporates useful habits and strategies for calmer and more connected behavior
  • Exercises that build a better connection with your dog on leash
  • Real life practice walking past other dogs, as well as a pack walk with clinic attendees.  

Following the clinic, attendees will be welcome to join a private FB page for group discussions, finding walking or practice partners, sharing resources and group chats with Mo.  

Attendees will also be able to schedule shared sessions with Mo if they want to work on leash specifics following the clinic.  Instead of paying the $175 fee for a session by yourself, you can share the cost and the session and benefit from working with each other as well.

DATE(S): Sat, 11/11, & Sunday, 11/12, 10am to Noon – both days

LOCATION: 112 Sea Oats Drive, Emerald Isle

COST: $250/dog; one dog per person

TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT: Text Mo or leave a voicemail at 502-909-2759 and Mo will send registration information. Include your name and your dog’s name. Spots are limited to 10 dogs (each dog can have up to two humans)