"But just because a person goes to Harvard doesn't mean he's balanced when he graduates, and just because a dog knows how to obey doesn't mean he's balanced, either."

--Cesar Millan

How to Choose a Service

How Do I Know What Service Is Best For Me & My Dog?

Good question.  Your best choice of program depends not only on your dog, but also on you, other humans in the home, work & family schedules and a variety of real-life considerations.  You can text Mo at 502-909-2759 to set up a no-charge phone call so that you can discuss options with her.  Before that call, you should consider the following questions:


  1. What are my goals for my dog and my family?  Are they realistic?
  2. Am I looking for basic manners and minimal effort on my part?
  3. Do I want a dog who has a certain commands, in particular?  If so, do I want a trainer to do the heavy lifting and then show me how to use those commands?
  4. Do I just want a trainer to lay a foundation with my dog to give me head start and then teach me how to get my dog across the finish line?
  5. Do I have a strict budget and will that affect my answers to the questions above?


  1. What exactly are the behavior issues that concern me?
  2. If I have multiple dogs, am I sure that the problem is one dog in particular?
  3. Are there safety issues for humans or other animals?
  4. How would I describe my response (or that of other humans) to the dog’s unwanted behavior when it happens?
  5. What kind of capacity do I have to work with my dog at home?  (Time & confidence)

Mo will have other questions and will be happy to answer your questions and give you as much information as she can, having not yet met you or your dog. 

Mo is happy to help you decide your best course of action AND to adapt or change the program for you and your dog if things change along the way.